Document Check List

1) Application form with photo.

2) Copy (ies) academic transcripts of school study. If applying for a Master Degree level, the official academic transcript of the undergraduate level is required. If applying for a Doctoral Degree level, the official academic transcripts of both the undergraduate level and master’s degree level are required.

3) Copy (ies) of degree certificate issued by applicant’s graduated institution.

4) Copy of English proficiency test result issued by language testing center from September 18, 2018 onward. Please note that all doctoral degree candidates need to hold English proficiency test result and meet our requirement. KKU not accept any application without it. We will set priority to Master’s degree applicants who have English proficiency test result and we will not consider the result which is the part of applicant’s study (ies).

5) Two letters of recommendation written by senior staff of the applicant’s current working institution or from lecturer/advisor of previous institution which applicant was graduated (Form: KKU-Scholar II).

6) Certified copy of passport or English translation of birth certificate or English translation of national identification card.

7) Physical examination certificate/Medical certificate (hospital acceptable only) (Form: KKU-Scholar III).

8) A criminal clearance testimonial from the home country of the applicant issued in English by an authorized official organization, or a translated version into English with an original copy of the version in the domestic language.

9) If the applicant is receiving any other financial support by another organization, either international or domestic, the applicant must provide copies of the grant/scholarship where the amount and type of financial support received is clearly stated.

10) A copy of the MOU between the applicant’s home Institute/University and KKU (only for those applicants who come from a University that has an MOU with KKU).

11) Copy (ies) of professional training certificate or any document to improve your qualification (if any).

Contact Person

Mr. Isara Suriyagul Na Ayudhaya , International Affairs Division,
Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Tel.: +66 43 202 059
Fax.: +66 43 202 498