» International Affairs Division, KKU holds an International Student Orientation, 1st Semester, the Academic year 2024, a warm welcome to KKU (291 Views)

On June 14, 2024, the International Affairs Division, Khon Kaen University (IAD, KKU) held an international student orientation for the 1st Semester, the academic year of 2024 at Sirikunakorn Meeting Room 3, 2nd floor, the president building. 

The event was honored by Assoc. Prof. Nawarat Wara-Aswapati, Vice President for International Affairs , and Asst. Prof. Acharawan Topark-Ngarm, Assistant to the President for International Affairs, welcomed the international students. The objective of this event was to provide opportunities for international students at Khon Kaen University to exchange knowledge and meet with students from various nations. The event also aimed to inform international students about valuable services from several departments at Khon Kaen University, including the International Affairs Division, the Graduate School, the Bureau of Academic Services, the Office of Digital Technology, the KKU Library, the Primary Care Unit KKU, and the Sports Division. In the end, the international students participated in an “International student talk and share” event to talk and share experiences about international student life at Khon Kaen University. The international student association representatives included Myanmar, Cambodian, Lao, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Nigerian. 

Currently, over 900 international students' study in Khon Kaen University. The atmosphere was warm and joyful and enhanced internationalization within the university. 

In addition, in the afternoon part. International Affairs Division, KKU arranged the “KKU Campus Tour” activity to support the students to experience the pleasant environment of KKU (Green Campus) and get to know the route, KKU landmarks, and service places. Most students viewed the KKU Campus Tour as a good activity. They made a huge impression because, besides experiencing the beautiful atmosphere inside KKU, KKU also has modern facilities such as the KKU Smart Transit Service and friends and faculty members who advise and continuously support learning. 

News: Prowsaeng Siripanuwat

Photo: Sakhin Khaochaimaha,Information Technology Officer / International student

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