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Alumni Registration

1. How do I register at KKU International Alumni?

Please visit  https://iad.kku.ac.th/inter_alumni/ to complete your information and join KKU International Alumni Facebook page.



KKU Alumni Lifelong Email

1. What is KKU Alumni Lifelong Email?

KKU Alumni can continue to use their student email, which comes with unlimited Google Drive storage.

2. How do I register for KKU Mail?

For those who do not register or have KKU Mail yet, please register through here



KKU International Alumni Newsletter

1. How do I subscribe from KKU International Alumni Newsletter?

To receive monthly KKU International Alumni Newsletter via email, please register through https://iad.kku.ac.th/inter_alumni/


2. If I would like to suggest the topics published in the KKU International Alumni Newsletter, is there any channel to contact? .

We are highly appreciated if you please contact us via interalumni@kku.ac.th. The IAD team will review the suggestions and will contact you later on.  Please be noted that we may delay to reply your email because we have received many requests and it might take time to review the information.  Additionally, your remind email is welcome if you don’t receive the response from us within a week.



KKU Commencement

1. How if I can not attend the Commencement day?

KKU commencement day is not mandatory, students could choose to be not attend the commencement day. Besides student has to inform the faculty whether you will participate in the commencement day or not.


2. When I can get my degree?

For those who does not attend the commencement day, the degree certificate will be delivered to KKU Registrar’s Office about 15days from the commencement day. Please contact the international relations officer at your faculty to help for further action.


3. Can I propose other person to take my degree certificate?

Yes, you can propose other person. He or she has to complete the form at KKU Registrar's Office along with your copy of Passport with the signature to be the identification.



Transcript and Degree

1. How can I request for my transcript or other educational documents?

Please contact the international relations officer at your faculty or International Affairs Division via email: vpinter@kku.ac.th


2. I have misplaced my degree. How do I get a replacement?

Please note that the University does not normally issue a replacement degree scroll if the original one is destroyed or misplaced. Instead, the Registrar will issue a letter certifying that the student is a graduate of the University.



KKU Accreditation Information

1. How can I get the KKU accreditation letter for my degree standardization in my country?

Please contact the international relations officer at your faculty, then will issue the memo to the registrar office for further action