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The Chit Chat program in KKU Workplace by the International Affairs Division, Khon Kaen University (IAD, KKU) has been successful in giving staff the opportunity to use English at the workplace, and offering foreign students the opportunity to practice work experiences and exchange work cultures in Thai organizations.

International Affairs Division, KKU successfully implemented the first trial program of Chit Chat in KKU workplace. The program's objectives were to promote the efficient use of English in the workplace, to create an international atmosphere within the organization and to build good relationships between KKU staff and international students. Building a collaborative network also provides opportunities to international students for multicultural exchanges and learn about Thai organizational cultures. The project ran from March till August 2021. More than 12 workplaces and more than 18 international students from various countries attended the program under the measures of COVID-19. 

During the program, there was online supervision of students in several workplaces. Feedback from staff was "This is a perfect project. It allows us to develop our English communication skills in the workplace, and it offers us the chance for exchanges with other cultures and create an international atmosphere”. International students commented "We would like to thank Khon Kaen University and KKU staff for providing the internship opportunities to practice work experience and learn about Thai organizational cultures. This project is beneficial for us to prepare for work in the future”. More importantly, the students were impressed that they get to know the staff in the various departments.      

The strategy of Khon Kaen University is driven towards internationalization. The International Affairs Division, Khon Kaen University is the central organization to coordinate foreign affairs and promote internationalization. The Chit Chat in KKU Workplace program was organized for that purpose. In the future, we will continue to develop activities like this, as part of driving the University to internationalization. 
News: Prowsaeng Poosinghar
Edited prove by Hendrik van Westerveld
Photo: KKU divisions and international students, attened the program

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