» KKU establishes KKU Academy under the new Office of President (4654 Views)

Khon Kaen University announced the establishment of KKU Academy institute under the Office of the President, supporting the mission and strategy of Khon Kaen University. KKU Academy institute serves to create an online lifelong learning resource, to develop a research database-driven learning system, to create innovation and to cooperate with leading specialists, institutes and organizations both domestically and abroad, to meet the needs of the community, society and the nation. It is effective from the announcement date: the 9th September 2021 onward.

KKU Academy has prepared and laid out the operating models such as Learning Management System (LMS), KKU Production House teams, Outcome-based Courses and Structure and Management of KKU Academy, etc. 

Resource: https://www.khonkaenuniversity.in.th/75199/

Poster : พราวแสง ภูสิงหา [Ms. Prowsaeng Poosinghar] | 15 กันยายน 64