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Contact Person:  Ms. Chontichar Saranritthichai 
Tel: 098-2862343 
Email:   chontichar.saranritthichai@aetna.co.th 
website: https://www.aetna.co.th/en/individuals.aspx


Syn Mun Kong Insurance Public Company Limited
Insurance Plan

Contact Person: Miss Manussanan Uaengsatitthawon
Tel: 095-5593828
Email: pink_pig@windowslive.com 

Contact Person:  Jeeranan Praipypyum
Tel: 093-5862556
Email: jee.purelife@yahoo.com 



AXA Insurance Thailand
KA100 Table of Benefit SCX Plan

Contact Person: Miss Manussanan Uaengsatitthawon
Tel: 095-5593828
Email: pink_pig@windowslive.com