» KKU Scholarship for ASEAN and GMS Countries’ Personnel, Academic Year 2019 (42116 Views)

Khon Kaen University has always taken an important role to participate in developing personnel and resources of the GMS countries, especially the neighboring countries. Human resource development is the heart of all aspects of national development. Collaboration among academic institutions of the countries in ASEAN Community is vital and a necessity in response to he role of ASEAN Community in the world society and augmentation of the potentiality of our regional human resources. This is especially true in academic and research work, which Khon Kaen University has continuously encompassed in its major mission towards the GMS countries human resource development. 

The completed application along with documents are required to be received at the International Affairs Division, Khon Kaen University by April 5, 2019 for your application's receipt confirmation. The application process will be completed after you receive our confirmation E-mail.

Link for Online Application Form :
Click Here >> https://iad.kku.ac.th/gms_scholarships/

Course List :
Click Here >> https://iad.kku.ac.th/gms_scholarships/file/ASEAN-GMS_Scholarships_2019_Course_List.pdf

Poster : สาขิน ขาวไชยมหา [Mr. Sakhin Khaochaimaha] | 25 มกราคม 62